The SFC Package The SFC Package (Software Foundation Classes) can be used as base for advanced software systems.

Package Specification

The SFC Package contains advanced support for collections and arrays, configuration, events, graphical user interfaces, unique ids, io, math, statistics, networking, parallelization (for both local and network distribution), reference counting, security, text and xml processing (xml, xhtml, svg, css).

The SFC-package is a set of useful, versatile base classes used by the Distributed Genetic Programming Framework (DGPF), for example. These classes are not limited to the purpose of genetic programming, but include functionality which my be useful in any cases, like:

See the rich example collection also available on the web for feature demonstrations.

This Open-Source research project is licensed under LGPL,

One feature, especially important for developers, is the full documentation of the source code provided. Each method, class, package is fully documented down to privated declares. No parameter is undocumented. We are also happy about hints or request for more documentation, because we want that anyone can use our code and hopefully understand it. This project has also educational character.

You can find more information on the project's home page or on the project's page on SourceForge. The source code and examples can be downloaded at the downloads page. Useful information and news will frequently be published in the Genetic Programming Group.