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This package specifies the comparators used by the Search Engines to determine which individual is fitter.

Package Specification

All selection and search is comparison based. Since we support multi-dimensional searches, we cannot simple reduce the fitness of an element to one single number and compare them without lost of information. When performing a multi-dimensional search, the fitness is always a vector. To compare vectors, one might use arbitrary methods, some of them are specified here:
Staggared Comparator
The fitness functions are as important as their index is small. This means, that this comparator first compares the fitness functions at index 0. If one of them is bigger, we're done. Otherwise we need to go on at the second fitness function and so on.
Majority Comparator
The individual which dominates the other in the most fitness functions wins.
Weightes Majority Comparator
The same as Majority Comparator, but a weight value is assigned to each fitness function.
Sum Comparator
This comparator adds up all fitness functions and compares the results. This roughly resembles to a transformation from a multi-dimensional search to a single-dimensional one.
Weighted Sum Comparator
The same as Sum Comparator, but a weight value is assigned to each fitness function.

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