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Search (Search Algorithms Layer Package): Visit our project's home page or its SourceForge page.

The package org.dgpf.search contains the specification and base classes of the Common Search API of the DGPF.

Package Specification

The package org.dgpf.searchs depends on the following packages:

The Common Search API

The api package contains the specification and base classes of the Search Algorithms Layer of the DGPF. The Search Algorithms Layer provides easy-to-use tools to build various multi-dimensional search algorithms and to implement simulation cores that can be shared among all of them. You can thus compare search algorithms directly and select the one that suits the best for your problem.

The Implemented Search Algorithms

All search algorithms provided come with an auto-adaptive, configurable Tabu Search backend. If a client/server distribution is chosen, the backend executes on the server, reducing network traffic.

Additional Information

Search algorithms are executed by SearchEngines. The names of the search engines are formed like this: The distribution shortcut + the algorithm shortcut + Engine.java.

Current distribution shortcuts:

A search engine that runs locally, typically situated in a sub-package named local
A search engine that uses the client/server (= master/slave) distribution approach, typically situated in a sub-package named cs
A search engine that using the peer-to-peer distribution, typically situated in a sub-package named p2p
A search engine that using both, peer-to-peer and client server distribution, typically situated in a sub-package named p2p

Current search algorithm shortcuts:

A search engine that performes a Genetic Algorithms. It will be situated in a sub-package of org.dgpf.search.algorithms.ga
A search engine that performes a Hill Climbing. It will be situated in a sub-package of org.dgpf.search.algorithms.hc
A search engine that performes a Simulated Annealing. It will be situated in a sub-package of org.dgpf.search.algorithms.sa

This Open-Source research project is licensed under LGPL, a license even more liberate than the GPL.

See the rich example collection also available on the web for feature demonstrations.

One feature, especially important for developers, is the full documentation of the source code provided. Each method, class, package is fully documented down to privated declares. No parameter is undocumented. We are also happy about hints or request for more documentation, because we want that anyone can use our code and hopefully understand it. This project has also educational character.

You can find more information on the project's home page or on the project's page on SourceForge. The source code and examples can be downloaded at the downloads page. Useful information and news will frequently be published in the Genetic Programming Group

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